Thank you so much for visiting us here at Children & Earth.


I started this little business because I wanted to buy clothes for my little boy that were both educational & fashionable. I have a huge love for fashion & I follow the montessori approach to learning and I simply couldnt find what I was looking for. I wanted to find a jumper with a planet earth design that was both a real represntaion of our planet and also cool and fun in design. I could imagine myself talking to my boy about planet earth as I was dressing him, giving us a small moment in time for us both that we would treasure with the added element of learning and from that thought, Children & Earth was born.


I have the same love and dedication to create products for your little ones as I do for my boy Ethan. I want to spark conversation for both parents and friends that can help your little ones connect, my heart melted when I saw my nephew Max read the alphabet from Ethans T-shirt, I just knew I was on the right path.


I now have so many ideas that I cant wait to bring to life and share with you all. Thanks for joining us on our journey and I hope that my designs create moments of learning in a fun way for you and yours too.


Much love

Caroline & Ethan

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